Speaking of Language

S1E10 – Alice Wu – Global Nomads and Third Culture Kids

April 18, 2018

Where do you call home? In this episode, we speak to Alice Wu, an intercultural consultant at Cornell University. Alice is the creator of a series of films about Global Nomads and Third Culture Kids: people who have spent their developmental years living in multiple countries, building relationships to many cultures “while not having full ownership in any” (David Pollock). Alice discusses the challenges and benefits of growing up this way, and what people of transcultural backgrounds have to offer our increasingly interconnected world.

Alice’s films are available at https://sales.lrc.cornell.edu/collections/intercultural-materials

“Global Nomads in the Age of Technology is a fascinating series of interviews with today’s university students who come from a wide range of internationally mobile childhood experiences. It not only showcases the increasing cultural complexity of those called Global Nomads/Third Culture Kids, but also helps us answer the question: “Has technology changed the GN/TCK experience?” It is intriguing to hear fresh insights into how they perceive and use the wealth of their individual stories.
I highly recommend this for all who want to know more about how it is for today’s youth who are growing up among many different cultures.”
– Ruth E Van Reken, co-author, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, 3rd edition

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